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The Beagle Boys are a gang of beagle thugs, and Scrooge's archenemies. 


The Beagle Boys are not only a gang, but also an absurdly large family, of which all the gang members are also part. Most Beagle Boys don't have names, and are just called by their number. The worldwide leader of the Beagle Boys is Grandpa Beagle, the organization's founder. The main part of the Beagles remains the one located in Duckburg, who are directly descended from the very first Beagle Boys, and are placed directly under the command of Grandpa Beagle. They do however also have a flock of more different cousins (such as the ones featured in DuckTales) who sometimes come to visit them. 

All the Beagle Boys steal and otherwise commit various crimes, but their #1 goal is to rob Scrooge McDuck, and most primarily to take the contents of his Duckburg Money Bin. It is a common occurence that, when Scrooge travels to a foreign country, he will meet a gang of Beagle Boys who are only too happy to finally have an opportunity to fulfill every Beagle Boy's most sacred mission (robbing Scrooge).

Behind the scenesEdit

The Beagle Boys were created in 1951 by Carl Barks in Terror of the Beagle Boys.

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