• Scrooge MacDuck

    The AU Adventure

    August 31, 2016 by Scrooge MacDuck

    Story written collaboratively on the Disney Comics Forum The Feathery Society.

    Authors include: Scrooge MacDuck, whatever, Deb, jubalpomp, Orora

    It was a seemingly nice evening and Scrooge was swimming in his money. In a few minutes, Gyro Gearloose was due to come present his new invention to him, but for the moment, he just enjoyed a nice moment of leisure. Then up on the roof, there arose such a clatter, that Scrooge sprung from his money bin to see what the matter was. It was a dragon landed on the roof.

    "This tall building looks like the sort of place where I could sit and write my poetry undisturbed" said the dragon to himself.

    Scrooge, who'd rushed onto the roof through the trapdoor of the ceiling, instantly recognized the creature as the R…

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