Daisy Duck is a female anthropomorphic duck.


Daisy is Donald Duck's primary love interest and also his fiancée. Much like her boyfriend, Daisy has a hot temper and big and unpredictable moodswings; however, also like him, she is deep down a good and caring person. Additionally, Daisy tends to be rather vain; she has a bigger social life than Donald (often gossipping with the likes of Clara Cluck or Clarabelle Cow) and has expensive tastes that Donald can seldom satisfy. Due to both members' tempers, and also to Donald's clumsiness, Donald and Daisy's couple is often put to trial, or broken for a short while, during which Daisy will often flirt with Donald's cousin Gladstone; however, invariably, they are soon driven back to each other.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Daisy looks very much like Donald, although she has longer eyelashes and a more prominent chest. She wears a pink or purple bow on top of her hairless head.

Behind the scenesEdit

Daisy first appeared in 1940 in Mr Duck Steps Out, though she was very much a reworking of older character Donna Duck.

Voice ActorsEdit

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