A Fan fiction, often shortened to fanfic, is a story written by a fan, based off of a book or franchise. On this wiki, fanfics may be written as blog posts

Rules Edit

  • If you want to publish a fanfiction, write it as a blog post.
  • Do not make articles on this wiki for characters that you made up: this counts as fanfiction and must, therefore, also be published only as a blog post.
  • Information from fanfictions must not be treated as fact on character pages, especially not by the author himself. However, if a fan theory is very wide-spread, plausible, and tone-appropriate for Disney comics (e.g. Mr Duck being Daisy Duck's brother), it can be mentioned (though it's advisable for it to be appropriately referred to as a theory in the wording).
  • Pages cannot be about fanfictions, either.
  • Fanfics must be appropriate and kid-friendly, no bad language, not too much violence, etc. Any inappropriateness will be punished with a block.

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