Fergus McDuck, also known as "Papa McDuck", was an anthropomorphic duck.


Fergus McDuck was born in the Scotland countryside, but quickly moved to Glasgow, presumably in search of a job to sustain his family. He married Downy O'Drake and had at least three children, Scrooge, Matilda and Hortense[1]. As soon as Scrooge was old enough to work, Fergus asked him to become a street shoeshiner, advising him to work "smarter, not harder" to win more money, and working in backstage to make him become cautious in business affairs through tricking his old friend Burt, who was Scrooge's first client, into paying the young duck with a "worthless" American coin, which later became Scrooge's Number One Dime. Fergus's favorite job was bagpipe player, though, as this didn't pay well, he also worked in a factory.

Heartbroken after his wife's passing, Fergus briefly remarried with an unnamed sister of Downy's, long enough for them to have a son; they quickly divorced however, and their son Rumpus was raised as the son of Miss O'Drake's new husband, Mr McFowl. Fergus, in his old days, spent his time researching the secrets of Castle McDuck, including the location of the fabled treasure of the Knights Templar.

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He was first seen in 1987 in Once upon a dime.

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  1. He has one or two more in the Italian continuity, Gideon McDuck (whom fans have somewhat theorized was only Scrooge's half-brother, an information that is not canon) and Marley McDuck, described as Scrooge's paradoxically generous twinbrother.