Fulton Gearloose is an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


In 1902, the teenage son of inventor Ratchet Gearloose lived in the little village that was Duckburg; this skinny black-haired cockatoo was one of the very few remaining Junior Woodchucks. By 1952, Fulton had had a long career as a repairman, married, had two sons and planned to retire, leaving his shop to his son Gyro. However, Gyro, rather than a repairman, wanted to be an inventor, and finally got his wish when Scrooge McDuck outright ordered an invention to him. Fulton's whereabouts past that point remain unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fulton was first seen in 1994 in Don Rosa's The Empire-Builder of Calisota, as a little boy. He was however still unnamed, and only in 2002's Gyro's First Invention were his identity (and first name) revealed.