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Mallard Hitchcock is an adult duck who appears in "The Repeating Revenge of the Screaming Duck".


Physical AppearanceEdit

Mallard Mitchcock is a large, tall and portly duck. The complexion of his feathers are noticeably darker then other ducks, appearing grey instead of the typical white. Mallard has black hair, but is balding and as such, has no hair on the top of his head. Befitting of his theatrical nature, Mallard wears a large, mostly featureless tuxedo with a large purple bow-tie.


Mallard is a very theatrical duck who was extremely passionate about his craft. In his own words, he "spent [his] entire career obsessing over every shot, making sure every feather was in place", and his passion paid off as he was a very popular and well liked director in his career. Despite his fame, Mallard was shown to be rather friendly, if slightly egotistical. After filming Donald Duck, Mallard realized his real passion in life was realism and decided to become a monster hunter instead.


Mallard was a famous director, well known for his Screaming Duck franchise, containing the films Screaming Duck and Screaming Duck 2: The Screaming Duck Screams Again, Only This Time Louder, in addition, he's well known for directing The Quaking Duck. During his stay at Eagle's Pinky Toe Hotel, Mallard was in the process of filming The Revenge of the Screaming Duck, but his take was interrupted by Huey, Dewey and Louie. After realizing who Mallard was, the three boys opted to join in the production of the film. Mallard was particularly impressed by Huey's talent.

While filming, Huey accidentally scared Donald during a shot, causing Donald to panic and flee. Mallard was taken aback and decided to make him a star. During the duration of the filming process, the boys scare their uncle Donald as he looks for them, filming his genuine reactions of pure terror. After Mallard called for the filming to be wrapped up, he decides to quit the movie making business and pursues monster hunting instead, citing that he prefers the realism. He tries to hire Donald to become his assistant and to travel to Transylvania with him, but Donald refuses. Mallard sees off the Duck family as they hastily leave the hotel.

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  • Mallard is somewhat of an amalgamation of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. His name and design is clearly based off of Alfred, but his tendency to try and make every frame absolutely perfect is based off the practice of Kubrick. Furthermore, when he's closing in on Donald, he says "Here's Mallard", which is likely a reference to Kubricks The Shining.