Mrs Von Drake, sometimes known within the fandom as Lucinda Von Drake, is a female anthropomorphic duck/goose hybrid.


Mrs Von Drake is the hot-tempered no-nonsense daughter of Mother Goose and an unknown 'Mr Von Drake'. Living in Calisota despite her Austrian origins, Mrs Von Drake married a young Humperdink Duck, with whom she had a son, Ludwig (and possibly another, Otto). She broke up with Humperdink however and moved back to Vienna where she finished to raise Ludwig. Both eventually moved back to America in 1961. By 1999, Ludwig and his bossy mother were living together in a Duckburg house. However, by 2008, she was again living in Austria. From there, she would send Ludwig a pre-made wiener schnitzel each week, about which he said tat if he didn't get it every week, he would have to go back to Austria "and mother!".

Behind the scenesEdit

Mrs Von Drake only really appeared in 2001 in the TV series House of Mousewhere she'd often embarrassingly call her son on the phone whilst he was in the middle of a lecture.