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Old Montemplumage Had a Chicken is a comic featured in DuckTales #2

Plot Edit

Scrooge, Donald and Della go on an adventure in an ancient temple.

Summary Edit

The comic opens on a train ride, Scrooge fondly remembers his past experiences as a farmer, treasure hunter and prospector as he proudly shows off his newly acquired treasure, the Golden Chicken. Della shows off her treasure as well, a one-of-a-kind, Earthenware pot, which happens to contain Donald Duck.

The comic flashes back to earlier in the day when the trio are hiking through a jungle in Mexico as they come across a massive temple which was once ruled by the mighty Montemplumage. While marching through the temple, Della Duck comes across an artifact, a golden bird in a cage made of gold. Scrooge instantly recognizes the artifact to be the Golden Chicken, the greatest treasure owned by Montemplumage. However, as the artifact comes to life and begins to attack Donald, Scrooge realizes his mistranslation, it was not the greatest treasure, but the greatest nightmare. Scrooge and Della begin to look for something to stop the chicken when they come across a room with several squares on the wall, each square containing a glyph. Scrooge quickly figures out what they mean and Della gets to work on solving such a puzzle.

Della quickly cracks the puzzle, but to her confusion and anger, all that seems to come from it is Cacao Beans falling out of the walls of the temple. However, as Donald, now trapped under the weight of the Golden Chicken, quickly discovers, the beans have a magical property to them that causes anyone who consumes them to shrink. To get away from the Chicken, Donald takes refuge in a near by pot. Using the newly-learned knowledge, Scrooge McDuck convinces the Chicken to eat the Cacao beans, shrinking it a small size as Della traps the chicken in the golden cage.

Later that day, the trio are on a train ride. Della accidentally spills hot tea on Donald, causing him to yelp in pain. Meanwhile, back at the temple, three totems discuss what just happened, and begin to celebrate when they realize outsiders had stolen the Golden Chicken, remarking that the temple will be a place of peace and comfort for the days to come.

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Trivia Edit

  • Donald mentions never eating "square eggs" again. This is a reference Carl Barks' story, Lost in the Andes!
  • Scrooge McDuck and Della Duck appears in this comic for the first time (inside of the comic stories).
  • This is the first DuckTales comic written by Joey Cavalieri.