Square Eggs
Vital Statistics
Type Egg(s)
Era Progressive Era (speciments in museum)
Civilization Inca(?)
Estimated Price 1 Ice Cream Soda
Magical? No

The square eggs are a unique type of eggs that play a rather prominent in some in-universe stories.


  • Vitamin-Rich: They are descrbed as the most vitamin-rich food in the world.
  • Easy to Stack: The square eggs received the interest of producers, as they were the easiest food to stack in the world.
  • Acute Ptomaine Ptosis of the Ptummy: An ailment caused by expired eggs. The gastrice ducts tie themselves into square knots.
  • Traditional Recipes: The Tribe of Plain Awful has various recipes in cooking square eggs such as, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled, fried eggs, etc.


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The square eggs originate from the Region of the Mists, a place in Peru, entered through the passes of the Cordillera and the only known place where square chicken survive. According to local Peruvian folklore, no one ever entered the Mists and returned to tell what he saw.

In reality, a Tribe of friendly people (who, while they have morphological similarities to other dogface characters, seem to have evolved differently) have been living within the Region (in a valley called Plain Awfule) for what seems to be thousands of years. They harvest the eggs for food, but were completely unaware of the square chicken (who lived in Egg Valley).

Outside-world DiscoveryEdit

Proffesor Rhuut Betlah was an American academic with a distinct Southern accent, who ventured into the Region of Mists in 1863. He was hosted for some time by the Tribe, and shared some culture with them, but eventually left with some square eggs.

By the time Betlah exited the Region of Mists in 1868, he was half-dead and near crazy from exhaustion. The Old Vicuna Hunter's father tried to take care of him, but the professor soon died. The vicuna hunter took some of the square eggs to a padre in Cuzco, but kept some at home, which his son saw and felt.

The padre in turn gave some of the eggs to an American who would later travel alongside with Scrooge to Colorado in 1882. The man was trying to get a museum to sponsor an expedition to the Region of Mists for years.


Some years earlier, perhaps due to the old American himself, the square eggs were possibly showcased in some museum.

There is some mystery concerning the actual origin of the Duckburg Museum square eggs, since the records were lost in the great Chicago fire. Now, the great Chicago fire to which this is a reference to, happenned in 1871, long before Duckburg could have a museum. Either way, the Duckburg Museum would have kept its records in-town, not in Chicago.

Therefore, these square eggs specifically probably originate from some museum near or in Chicago. As time passed, the square eggs were lost into obscurity and they were eventually mistaken for square stones.

When, several decades later, Donald Duck was cleaning these supposed square stones, he dropped one and discovered that it was actually an egg. That discovery startled the scientific world, and lead to an expedition in Peru.

While a lot of the Duckburg Museum's square egg stockpile was destroyed due to various reasons during the expedition, some square eggs still survived, evidently, as the Duckburg Museum showcased some as late as during the events of "The Son of the Sun".


There have been three in total (with the exception of Prof. Betlah's one) expeditions to Peru to find the Square Eggs.

First Expedition to Peru (Organized by Scientific Community)Edit

After much of the crew of the expedition became sick of acute ptomaine ptosis of the ptummy, Donald and his nephews were ordered to continue the expedition by themselves.

Most of the Peruvian villagers they asked either thought that they were crazy or stupid, while some tried to trick them into buying fake eggs, but the ducks finally came accross an Old Vicuna Hunter who directed them to the Region of the Mists.

They stumbled upon an Incan-like wall, and ended up into Plain Awful, where they helped the local tribesmen discover the square chicken.

They eventually returned to Duckburg with two square chicken. Unfortunately, it was discovered that both were male, and could thus, not reproduce or produce eggs.

Second and Third Expeditions to Peru (Sponsored by Scrooge and Glomgold respectively)Edit

Huey, Dewey and Louie were concerned over the two chicken, who seemed very lonely and unhappy with their new environement.

They managed to convince Scrooge to organize an expedition to Plain Awful to return them, as long as he could try to strike a deal on the commercial circulation of the eggs with the Chief of the Tribe.

Flintheart Glomgold followed Scrooge, hiring the Old Vicuna Hunter, as he hoped to steal the deal off his hands.

In the end, neither of the deals worked, and both of them lost their interest into the square eggs.