Super Snooper is a fictional comic book character and superhero that has a recurring role in various stories.

Super Snooper assumes the stereotypical role of the superhero, fighting for good, but using violent and spectacular means, being powerful enough to throw stellar bodies against criminals. Super Snooper comics are considered by Donald to have silly and convulted plots. For that reason, Donald prefers and endorses comics that rely on plot and character, such as Marvin Monkey.

And while Huey, Dewey and Louie consider Marvin Monkey to be 'kid stuff' (while it is usually Snooper's plot which target the lowest common denominator), they eventually discover the quality of Marvin Monkey comics.

Despite that, Super Snooper comics seem to be popular to all ages. 176-167 refers to Super Snooper, and two men in the Qualmy Vista trading post are shown enjoying reading them, while Arpin Lusene has an entire full mint set of Super Snooper comics.


  • The Super Snooper vs Marvin Monkey plot point is probably a jab at the gradual "replacement" of classic Disney (and therefore, duck) comic book stories by superhero comics during the 1960s and the 1970s.