This is a work-in-progress unified timeline of the Disney Comics Universe.



Ancient TimesEdit

  • 6586 B.C.E. : The mainland of Atlantis sinks.
  • 50 B.C.E. : Approximate date of the events of the Asterix comic series.
  • 0 C.E. : Supposed birth of Jesus Christ.

Dark AgesEdit

Medieval TimesEdit


19th CenturyEdit

20th CenturyEdit

21st CenturyEdit

  • 2000 C.E. : Meringue the Malevolent is freed just before New Year's and attempts to take over the world, but is sucked in a magical wormhole instead.
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25th Century Edit

  • ...
  • 2447 C.E. : Apparent "home year" of Eega Beeva and the rest of the Beevans who established an Earth colony in the past; at the very least a year in Earth's history that Eega Beeva enjoys visiting.